Our religion curriculum is Christ-centered to provide children with the opportunity to grow in faith and life. The One in Christ curriculum follows stories and teachings from the bible in chronological order. Through the One in Christ curriculum, the Bible comes alive with weekly bible lessons. Daily prayer, bible stories and teachable moments guide children as they learn about Jesus’ love for them and one another. We have weekly Chapels on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. lead by Pastor Bauer, Mr. Richard (Director of Youth Ministry), Ms Cathy (Preschool Director) or Ms Susan (Chapel Leader). We teach Christian songs before and after the chapel talk. We have a special friend named “Gertie” who is a puppet friend and assists with our Chapel lessons too. Parents are Welcome!


The Letter People develops oral language, phonological awareness, and letter identification in a developmentally appropriate hands-on interest setting. The Letter People puppets, songs, and stories stimulate the imagination and draw children into the learning process. The Letter People uses a thematic approach that focuses on phonemic awareness, language, science, math and social skills. Small and large motor skills are all integrated into the lessons.


Frog Street Press curriculum is utilized for our Threes. We introduce each letter of the alphabet through songs and stories. Nursery Rhymes are another source for the threes to be exposed to pre-reading skills as well as phonemic awareness. We have a special “Show N Tell” each week to tie into the “Letter of the Week”.


HWT is a handwriting program based on the developmental activities for young children and uses a variety of multi-sensory activities. It incorporates music, movement, wood piece manipulatives, letter play, building, and coloring to develop fine motor skills.


Children are natural investigators. We encourage them to use their Five Senses with which God has blessed them to explore. We introduce Simple Science with hands-on lessons at our Science Table/Center, also during outdoor play.


The Pre-K classes have specific curriculum, MANGO MATH and ABRAMS MATH to introduce math, algebra, numerals, and geometry, graphing and other. The two’s and three’s are introduced to math through resources in our curriculum library to enhance the classroom centers and themes.


Coach Kristen teaches Motor Skills using “SuperMoves!” curriculum once a week on Mondays and Tuesdays. During this time she works on the child’s large gross motor development through organized activities. In addition we have extra-curricular classes available after 2:00 PM. They are a TOTS (TEAMS of TOMORROW) class and a SOCCER SHOTS class we offer to children 3 years and up after school.


The children have music throughout their day in their classes. Ms. Paige will meet with each class once a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Ms Lisseth Garcia from Language Kids instructs the Threes and Pre-K classes once a week with fun-filled music, hands-on learning. Through song and play, the children develop a love for learning language. Ms Garcia recommends reviewing the vocabulary words everyday for 5 minutes. On Thursdays at 2:00 pm, Language Kids offers a 30 minute Spanish class.


In the art center children learn to discover line, color, shape and texture by seeing and feeling objects. Express individual thoughts and feelings through picture making, modeling, constructing and printing. Develop manipulative skills, eye-hand coordination; respond to storytelling by drawing or painting. Make choices and make decisions. We love display the children’s artwork in our hallways and bulletin boards.


Our library is filled with a broad range of student literature, puppets, big books, and teacher resources. The classes go to our library on a weekly basis. Each classroom has its own library center. Listening centers are in all our Threes and Pre-K classes. We are a member of the Scholastic Book Club. Each year we have a Book Fair through Scholastic Book Club.